Opportunities for Artists through Art Competitions

“Art is not a thing; it is a way” –                                                                                      – Elbert Hubbard

Art is something very difficult to define. Even an artist won’t be able to iterate what art is. For an artist, it could be a way to express or emote, or it could be a means to earn his livelihood. For what it’s worth, art is an integral part of our society. And what better way to promote art and budding artists than through art competitions?
Art competitions are an exceptional opportunity to grow as an artist and establish your art career. They provide the right kind of exposure and help a lot in boosting the self-confidence of budding artists. Art competitions and exhibitions have been a part of our culture for ages and now with the larger-than-ever global community of artists, there are numerous opportunities for artists all around the globe.
From small-scale, local shows to international contests, these chances provide artists from all backgrounds great exposure to a larger audience. These contests are a great networking platform and are an easy way to discover new artists on the block.
Benefits of art competitions
As already mentioned above, art competitions are the perfect way to uncover and nurture the natural talent of artists that have just begun their art careers.
Art competitions provide an incentive to artists to keep their portfolios updated. In today’s time, having an up-to-date portfolio is a must. Not only that, the portfolio should be appealing. Getting photographs taken and keeping your resume current are things those numerous craftsmen put off. Having a target time will push the artists to get excellent photographs taken of their creations and keep up with their portfolios. Keep in mind, regardless of which art contest you enter your photographs should precisely address the work you are entering.
Another benefit of participating in art competitions is that the artist gets a broader outlook. They meet and interact with a lot of new people including their fellow competitors. This helps in broadening the creative mindset of the artists. Meeting individuals from different disciplines and distinctive topographical areas offers youngsters an opportunity to foster novel thoughts and expand their standpoint. Here and there, contests give freedom to artists to head out to new spots and notice various societies. All of this can be extraordinary for any artist who tries to be in the imaginative field where ground-breaking thoughts and better approaches to believing are profoundly esteemed.
Art competitions are also an opportunity for artists to evaluate their work. When entering an art contest, the artists are compelled to assess their work in a wholesome way. To be fruitful, the artists should arrange their creation precisely so they can submit it to contests where it is important as far as media, shading, style, and subject is concerned. This is particularly significant when your craftsmanship shows various styles or you work in an assortment of media.
Partaking in art contests assists new and budding artists in fostering the right demeanor towards a profession as an artist. It permits them to challenge themselves and move out of their usual ranges of familiarity in face of contests. Understudies figure out how to consider art contests something beyond winning and losing; they figure out how to see the value in the experience and continue on to turn out to be better and more grounded craftsmen. Consistent learning and self-inspiration is the way to progress as an artist.
And lastly, participation and success in various art competitions leave a great imprint on budding artists.
Keeping this in mind, we are glad to host the
MY HEART MY ART Contest, 2021.
This is an open canvas contest with no theme, and it is open to people of all age groups. The contest aims to encourage the creative expression of the participants by giving them a blank canvas to spill their hearts out.
Registration Link – https://www.search4genius.in/participate.aspx?id=10
Contest Detail Link – https://search4genius.in/my-heart-my-art-contest-2021
It is an online Drawing, Painting, or Sketching contest hosted by Search4Genius. You can be as innovative & creative to draw any meaningful art with your creativity and express yourself through your artwork.
The Contest aims to inspire and motivate children’s art, children’s artists, student artists, young artists, youth art, art students, and other artists.
Search4Genius is a wonderful platform for them to exhibit their creativity and ideas and get rewarded for it. Art competitions give a chance to budding artists of all hues the to showcase their skills and experience a diverse form of learning. It allows them to challenge themselves and move out of their comfort zone. So, it’s time to break free and paint your own reality.
Registration Date – From 23rd August 2021 to 21st November 2021 (11.59 PM IST)
You can submit your work – By 29th November 2021 (11.59 PM IST)
Registration Fee – INR 50/-

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